• eSavannah and Green Tech

    Using solar panels as a means for providing power for our projects? You bet we do.

  • Connectivity

    Do you need business-grade Internet access? eSavannah offers competitive rates and fast installation for both landline and wireless connections.

  • Server Co-location

    Everything is considered critical when you're a small business owner, so keeping on top of the important things tends to be a challenge. Why dedicate your valuable time and resources to managing your servers, hardware, and network when the experts at eSavannah can manage them for you?

  • Managed Services

    eSavannah can manage any or all of your IT services, leaving you free to manage your business 24/7/365.

  • Hosted Voice & VoIP

    Do you need a high-performance phone system? eSavannah offers a broad range of IP telephony solutions that are optimized for specific business environments.

Welcome to eSavannah


eSavannah / Seimitsu is Savannah’s premiere business technology solution provider. We began serving the community in 1984, primarily as a builder of custom PCs. When local area networking arrived, we embraced it enthusiastically, and assumed a larger role in helping businesses maximize their returns on technology investments. And so it has continued with each technology advancement: broadband, wireless, IP telephony, and digital video. As technology has grown, we have grown, and our success lies in our ability to help clients harness advancing technology to further their own successes. We continue to be driven by three overarching principles:

  • We stay constantly abreast of breakthroughs related to information technology and to data, voice, and video transmission, evaluating new solutions as they come to market.
  • We approach every new assignment by understanding the client’s unique needs and goals, and address them by creating the best solution possible from all available options.
  • We provide the highest level of customer service, fully understanding that as businesses entrust their information and communications to our care, our performance is critical.

These tenets have helped us develop a loyal customer base that spans almost every imaginable industry throughout the southeast. Let us show you how we can address your business technology needs.

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